Street Global Venture Capital Street Global is a venture capital & strategic advisory firm with decades of high technology strategy, startup, growth (from startup-to-IPO), alliances & ecosystem development, market & business development, financial and startup investing experience. Based in Silicon Valley and London, Street Global brings together intensive Silicon Valley expertise and Emerging & Commonwealth markets expertise. Street Global is focused on solving the world’s biggest problems through entrepreneurship, start-up portfolio development and growth and bridging Silicon Valley and Emerging & Commonwealth markets. Street Global is investing in and developing a series of venture capital funds investing in seed and early-stage startups with the potential to reach $B+ valuations. Street Global is in a unique position to engage geographic arbitrage by investing in world-class companies in the developed and developing work. We invest based on these themes: creating reliable technology infrastructures globally, data & intelligence, digital security & privacy, energy availability, globalization, financial freedom, health & well-being, materials innovation, services for emerging markets, sensory enhancement, smart consumption, technology access, women’s & family well-being. To ensure maximum performance, we partner with top incubators and later-stage VC firms. In addition to investing Street Global selectively advises governments and companies at the highest levels and educates via public speaking and media appearances.

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